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Raw and unfiltered.

Here’s a challenge for y’all. I’m sure most of you that are reading this article use Instagram, Snapchat or take some kind of selfie of yourself and send it to your significant other, friends, or post it on social media, etc.

My challenge is…

For 1 day, don’t use any filters. Yes, I said it. GO UNFILTERED. Truly unfiltered.

For 1 week, go unfiltered.

For 1 month, go unfiltered.

(And when I say unfiltered, I’m talking about skin, face, structure altering filters.)

I have been practicing this for the last, almost, 6 months and let me tell you…it is a game changer! I look at myself so much differently now than I did almost 6 months ago. I will admit, I still tweak my pictures by fixing the lighting and making small color edits, because aesthetics lol. But overall, I have not used a face altering filter on Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media apps in a while.

If I’m being honest, at first, I was disgusted with myself and I actually stopped taking selfies. You could see my pores, wrinkles, freckles, pimples, and it was not flattering. But guess what, THAT’S WHO I AM. I can’t wear a filter around in real life, so why would I take pictures of myself with one on? Why would I want to give this “perfect” perception of me to the outside world when I’m beautifully flawed?

I will be honest, I don’t wear makeup. Mascara is as far as I go, and maybe some tinted brow gel in between my monthly brow appointments. But I’ve noticed since I started not using filters, I am now more confident going out in public without mascara on. Without the makeup that I wear to feel more confident and beautiful. Hell, I even pulled a stranger on a plane without makeup on. He asked me out to dinner before he even saw me without my mask!

My point in this challenge is to make you fall in love with yourself in your unfiltered state. The more confident you feel in your natural body with your natural self, the more confidence you will exert into the world. And WE NEED more confident women because who run the world?...I'll let you finish that.

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