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The rest is still unwritten.

If you're wondering if this title was inspired by the Natasha Bedingfield song, Unwritten, you are correct.

I was driving from Cleveland to Athens to spend the weekend with my family and friends when this song started playing in my car. The first verse finished and I caught myself restarting the song to listen to it again.

It goes like this:

“I am unwritten

Can't read my mind

I’m undefined

I’m just beginning

The pen’s in my hand

Ending unplanned”

(LyricFind, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield)

And as I listened to it again, I thought “holy shit, Natasha really knew what she was talking about”. But seriously, think about those lyrics. Think about your life, think about all the dreams and ideas you’ve had about your life and how you thought it was going to play out. And when it didn’t play out the way you hoped, how did you react? Did you sit around and drown in your tears and let the pain take you over or did you pout about it for a while and then get back to the drawing board? Every ending is a new beginning, even though the ending might hurt like hell, it’s allowing you to begin your next journey.

I continued to listen. And after the first chorus, the next verse hit me too.

“I break tradition

Sometimes my tries are outside the lines

We've been conditioned to not make mistakes

But I can't live that way”

(LyricFind, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield)

This is the verse that really spoke to my heart. I have made many mistakes. Some have made me a better person, some I still and always will regret making, some mistakes showed me who my true supporters were, and some made me reevaluate my life and decide to change the way I was doing things. Because you see, mistakes are inevitable. We will make them because we are human. And that’s OKAY.

I have probably heard this song a few hundred times in my life, I’m sure. But that day, on that drive, those words spoke to me. Like I literally felt them in my soul. Has that ever happened to any of you, or am I just weird?

I have always had a positive outlook on life. I’ve been an everything happens when it's supposed to, god gives you things because you can handle it, go with the flow type of person. But it wasn’t until a few years ago, when this song came on in the car, that I realized I AM in charge of MY LIFE. Not my significant other, not my friends or family and their ideas of what my life should look like, not the societal norms that people think they have to follow. ME. It’s all on me to write the story of my life, a life I will be happy living, a life to be truly proud of, a life with downs that lead to ups and ups that lead to downs - but that never keeps me down, a life filled with spontaneous events that will leave me with memories and experiences, a life that is unwritten.

In the past, I’ve tried living my life in line with the ideas that I had about what a happy life should be. And now, I’m living my life unwritten. Letting the wind hit my sails and spin me in the direction that it feels like taking me. And I must say, I’m enjoying every fucking moment of it.

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