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Who runs the world? Routines.

As I sat down to write an article for this week, all I could think about is how difficult it has been to do life lately. From juggling work and my social life, making time for my family and friends in my hometown, going on vacations and coming down from the high of them, and taking care of my mind and body because I know I’m not getting adequate sleep or nourishing my body as much as I need to. I’ve quite literally been surviving and I want to be THRIVING. I need a better routine. I need to focus on myself. And of course, at the perfect time, this article popped up on my Facebook News Feed as I was scrolling and procrastinating from writing.

Take a look at it here!

It even has a downloadable checklist…you already know I’ve printed my copies and have them hung up by my desk! :)

(The article linked is from HealthSherpa at

Now, I’m sure we all know that routines, and consistency, are the key to success. We’ve only been taught this all of our lives. But it’s hard to be consistent and follow a routine when we are all so busy, and even more after a long day or a traumatic life event or while you’re trying to relax and enjoy your vacation.

The list from the article has 15 great tips and a helpful checklist but I also know that it will only work for about 1-2 days out of my week. So, I’ve decided to put my own spin on their checklist and create checklists for different types of days/weeks in my life by using some of their items and adding some of my own. I created a daily checklist for days that work drains me and one for when I have energy to burn after work, one for when I’m on vacation, another one for when I’m home for the weekend visiting my family and friends, one for the days I’m working out or playing volleyball, just to name a few! And while I know myself and what I need to do to be more consistent, I also know there will be days when I tear up the checklist and throw it in the trash. And that’s okay! I will give myself grace on those days. My goal is to be more disciplined and consistent and I know I will get there, after a couple roadblocks and detours.

If you find yourself in the same place that I’m currently in, I hope that you are able to take some advice from the linked article, as well as mine, to create a more consistent routine for yourself! The checklist provided in the article is not "one size fits all", but if that's where you need to start, go for it! I also want to empower you to make lists that fit your life and your goals. My hope is that in a few months we will look back at the progress that we've made and that we can say we are THRIVING. It will be rough. Nothing ever comes easy. But, give yourself grace and remember what is waiting on the other side of consistency for you! Go slay, my friends!

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