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The trip of firsts.

After months of planning, getting excited and talking about all the things we were going to do while we were there, I can’t believe that it has now been 19 days since we left Aruba. It definitely tops the list of best vacations for me.

Aruba. One happy island. A girls trip to celebrate my (inherited) little sister graduating from high school with my two best friends and our momma Crystal. A little extra, I know, but it’s Halee and I was honored that she wanted her big sister’s two best friends to join her on her celebratory trip.

A trip of firsts is exactly what this trip was. Some of the firsts were not so fun, but most of the firsts were exactly what we all needed…we laughed, screamed, drank, and sometimes cried, through them all!

Our first canceled flight.

My first fight with rude baggage claim ladies. (I just wanted our bags, okay?)

Our first time getting kicked out of a gate in an airport.

Our first time sleeping in an airport…on cots…under an escalator.

Our first trip, all together, with Halee.

Halee’s first trip outside of the US.

Kelby’s first time spending a week away from her baby.

Katie’s first time driving in another country.

My first trip outside of the US with my best friends.

The first time we started a resort wide pool party. (O-H…I-O!)

Our first catamaran boat ride.

Our first time exploring the ocean together.

Crystal’s first time swimming in the ocean, snorkeling and jumping/sliding off the boat. (She went crazy, y’all!)

Our first time jet skiing in the ocean.

Our first time tubing in the ocean.

And we all got tattoos in another country, by two of the coolest tattoo artists!

I could really keep going on about all of the firsts that this trip was, but I will stop there.

This was the first time that I had spent a week straight with Katie and Kelby since our high school days. And by the end of the trip I was not ready to leave them. I was actually really sad about it. Our friendship has withstood more than any other relationship in my life and with every year that passes, every milestone that we take on together, I realized just how blessed we are to have each other and that we continue to experience all these “firsts” together, along with our families. This trip, and all of the firsts that we’ve experienced together throughout life, will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’m blessed with 2 best friends, a little sister and a second mom that I know I can count on for anything. And cheers to many more “firsts” that we will experience together!

Myself, Halee, Katie, Kelby and Crystal in Aruba.

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